Mystery Play Internet Radio Chat Room
Welcome to the  Chat Room. I've resurrected the original OTR Java chat room for the Live Halloween Show Oct 30-31 2010
Chat Facility Usage Instructions

The web interface is a relay to an IRC server. If you prefer you can use a client to access the chat room. All IRC commands work with the web interface.

IRC Server URL:
Channel: #mystery-play

To place an "I'm Away" enter the following: /away your text To change your Nickname:
/nick your new name
To change your text color using the web interface: Click on the color and type your text. You will need to do this each time, unless you Copy the hex text, and then control V each time before you type your text. Try it and have fun.
This application requires Java suport.<br> This server also available via IRC at:<br> <a href="irc://">irc://